What our partners say about us

Yours is a thoroughly worthwhile venture, concerning one of the most pertinent issues in society today. I wish you every success with it and hope that you will keep me updated as to your progress.
The Right Honourable Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP
You are quite right. Unless we all accept an over-riding common loyalty and common culture within which we can enjoy our own traditions without violating what we hold in common our society will disintegrate into warring factions. The concept of ‘One Britain One Nation’ is the alternative to this kingdom becoming no more than a territory inhabited by separate societies living in Bantustans.
The Right Honourable Lord Tebbit CH
I am delighted to endorse your initiative and wish you success in establishing a national organisation with a key aim to promote a national consensus about One Britain and One Nation. All good causes have small beginnings. A time will come when the ripple effect of your cause will encompass all communities living in Britain. Good luck.
The Right Honourable Lord Dholakia PC, DL, OBE
Deputy Leader, Liberal Democrats
As one who enjoyed four of my school years in multi-racial Kenya, I welcome the OBON organisation in the UK and I wish it every success.
The Right Honourable Lord David Steel
of Aikwood
I congratulate you on this vision and commitment to promote appreciation of the cultural and political heritage of the United Kingdom. We citizens of the UK have been privileged to inherit a rich heritage and fundamental freedoms. We have a duty to pass these on to the new generation undiminished. I wish OBON well in its contribution to the fulfilment of this responsibility.
The Rt. Hon. Professor The Baroness Caroline Cox
of Queensbury
I support your initiative. Your aim is to make all citizens share the meaning of and pride in being British, regardless of ethnic or other background. I share that aspiration. All good wishes for your work.
The Rt Honourable Lord Carlile CBE.
OBON sounds like a most worth while initiative and I support its aims and its search for what unites us as a nation rather than a focus on what divide us. You have my best wishes for your work putting this ideal into practice.
The Right Honourable Lord Wills
of North Swindon and Woodside Park
Bringing our diverse cultures, ages and religions together to create a stronger, more united community is a mission that One Britain One Nation (OBON) should be proud of. As an entrepreneurial family we are always committed to bringing together people from different backgrounds to strive towards one common business goal but only with the commitment of organisations such as OBON can aspirations for a fully integrated, respectful and proud nation be realised on a wider scale. We fully support OBON’s vision to create a strong, fair, harmonious and proud British nation as we are the generation that needs to lead this change for the better.
Mike Jatania
CEO of Lornamead
The Qur’an declares that the diversity of humanity is all part of God’s design for this very special creation. God wants us to interact with one another and take care of each other and thereby live as one people with respect for all as equals. This vision of the Qur’an is precisely the vision OBON is promoting. I fully support this noble effort and pray that it is successful.
Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra
Imam & Chair of the Muslim Council of Britain’s Interfaith Committee
I thank God for your vision of unity that cuts across culture, politics, race and religion in Britain. I see it as a pro-active attempt to restructure the way we think about ourselves in society. I wish you every success and please keep me informed about developments.
The Rt. Rev Onye Obika
Secretary Genera International Ministerial Council of Great Britain