To be celebrated on Friday 17th June 2022
Join us to say a huge thank you to Her Majesty The Queen

OBON wants to encourage all the schools in the UK to promote OBON DAY 2022 celebrating Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee and recognising her invaluable leadership and service to the nation.

OBON DAY is an annual event which gives every school an opportunity to be at the heart of their community, showcasing and celebrating all the good work they have done championing the shared values of British Citizenship.

The day promotes civic pride and every child knowing that they matter and encouraged to be responsible and active citizens with a role to play in the life of our nation. They learn the importance of what it is to be fair, decent, respectful, tolerant and compassionate.

Oneness and togetherness are at the very heart of the day, where the spirit of inclusion and love for our country makes every child feel safe, loved, happy and valued and a collective purpose of eliminating hate, intolerance and discrimination of all kinds and promoting peaceful and respectful coexistence of all our people.

We want to reach out to every school and ask that they please join us to do the following:

At 10am on Friday 17th June 2022.

  • Encourage every school in the UK to participate and have their school children sing the first verse of the National Anthem of the United Kingdom- ‘God Save the Queen’
  • To prepare a short video clip of your school children thanking Her Majesty for her leadership and service to the nation and briefly outlining what your school has done to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. Please tweet this video immediately after singing the national anthem to: @Royalfamily using the hashtag #OBONDAY22 and #PlatinumJubilee
  • Support The Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC) initiative by encouraging all schools to plant a tree for the Jubilee.
  • We all believe that this will be a fabulous gesture to commemorate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.

OBON DAY 2022 celebrations.

Dress your children in red, white and blue and utilise this theme throughout the school to decorate classrooms etc.

  • Allow children to explore and understand the Shared Values of British Citizenship.
  • Create a school project that focuses on the different cultures of children in your class/ school/ community.
  • Write a poem / create a piece of artwork or a song with the words One Britain One Nation that draws inspiration from our aims.
  • Create an event / parade with the theme of oneness so that all our children feel a strong and shared sense of belonging, as one family, one community and as One Britain One Nation.
  • Engage your local community and partners to support your OBON DAY event by displaying posters, flags and any artwork made by children to spread the message of unity and pride.
  • Showcase your school as the heart of the community by inviting parents, civic dignitaries, local politicians and members of our public services to be a part of your OBON Day celebrations.
  • Ensure that you utilise your local media, local contacts and social media to promote your event.
  • Please share photos of any preparation and the celebration of the OBON DAY to our twitter @1Britain1Nation using the hashtag #OBONDAY22

Contact Details:

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us on the following email address: info@onebritainonenation.com