OBON now wishes to build on the success that has been generated by reaching out to all our schools to celebrate the OBON Day as an annual event on the last Friday of June 2019.

Our Campaign “OBON Day 2019”

A Day of Pride and Unity

OBON now wishes to build on the success that has been generated by reaching out to all our schools to celebrate the OBON Day as an annual event on the last Friday of June.

This day will give our schools an opportunity to celebrate and showcase how they are implementing the statutory obligation of promoting Shared British Values in accordance with the National Curriculum.

The theme of the day is to create Pride & Unity by forging a sense of togetherness. We want you to help us facilitate, inspire and strengthen the spirit of inclusion in all our children, so that together we can eliminate hatred and intolerance of any kind in an effort to promote peaceful, respectful coexistence in our future generations.

We want this day to encourage all our children to be proud and active responsible citizens bolstered by self-esteem with the belief that they can accomplish their aspirations and know with confidence and personal pride that they have a role to play in the country’s future.

On Friday 28th of June 2019 (OBON Day)

This day will offer an opportunity for all our children to showcase their love, pride and passion for our great nation and allow them to develop the skills to be active citizens and feel valued by their country.

This day will empower an element of confidence in all our children to take this opportunity to wave or fly the flag of our nation in solidarity with each other to demonstrate that they are all one people of this great nation.

This would be the day to celebrate with vigour and pride to turn every school into Red, White and Blue as an insignia of the unity that is bound together by the thread of oneness nurtured from the love for our country.

  • A joint singing of the first verse of the national anthem at 11am.
  • School Children dressing in red, white and blue.
  • Allow children to unpack the Shared British Values.
  • Create a school project that focuses on the different cultures of children in your class/ school/ community.
  • Write a poem / create a piece of artwork or a song with the words One Britain One Nation that draws inspiration from our aims.
  • Create an event with the theme of oneness so that all our children feel a strong and shared sense of belonging, as one family, one community and as One Britain One Nation.
  • Encourage and invite parents, civic dignitaries, local politicians and members of our public services to be a part of your OBON Day celebrations.
  • Please tweet all your pictures of any preparation and the celebration of the OBON DAY to @1Britain1Nation using the hashtag #OBONDAY
  • Contact Details:
  • If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us on the following email address: info@onebritainonenation.com

Whatever you do please share your celebrations with us on social media so that we can give our children the recognition they so deserve:

Twitter @1Britain1Nation

Facebook: One Britain One Nation

Website: www.onebritainonenation.com

OBON is a Not- For- Profit Community Interest Company (CIC), free from political or religious affiliations. It is inclusive of all our people.