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OBON now wishes to build on the success that has been generated by reaching out to all our people.

Our Campaign “OBON DAY”

OBON now wishes to build on the success that has been generated by reaching out to all our people.

At 10.30am on Friday 16th of March 2018, OBON will initiate ‘A Call to Action’ from an event to be held at Bradford University which will be attended by guests from across the county of Yorkshire and beyond.

This ‘Call to Action’ is intended to reach out to all our people with a particular focus on schools, encouraging them to celebrate the OBON Day on Friday 29th of June 2018.

The OBON Day will give our schools an opportunity to celebrate the day in the spirit it is intended and showcase how they are practically implementing the statutory obligation of promoting British Values. Its focus will be to create a sense of unity and pride by strengthening our national identity and forging a sense of togetherness, so that every child can be inspired to love their nation.

Friday 29th of June 2018 (OBON DAY)

A Day of Pride and Unity

This day will encourage all our children to be proud and responsible citizens, bolstered by self-esteem and the knowledge of the role they have to play in the country’s future. It will also allow our children to restore, strengthen and promote the Fundamental British Values of tolerance, respect and fair play, a belief in freedom and democracy in accordance with the National Curriculum.

  • A joint singing of the first verse of the national anthem at 11am.
  • School Children dressing in red, white and blue.
  • Create a school project that focuses on the different cultures of children in your class.
  • Write a poem or a song with the words One Britain One Nation that draws inspiration from our aims.
  • Ask your pupils to create a piece of artwork that shows people from all backgrounds joining hands.
  • Please tweet all your pictures of any preparation and the celebration to @1Britain1Nation using the hashtag #OBONDAY

We Need You.

The success of our campaign relies on the support of all our people and we feel that no one person must be left out. This is why we need our celebrities, public figures, successful businessmen and women, our faith leaders and other public figures to get behind our campaign by way of public endorsement.

We need them to say “Count Me In” because we see the eagerness and optimism underneath all our people who are desperate to bring the Nation back to what it needs to be, because together we can bring out the best in Britain. With our communal efforts we would indeed achieve heights un-measurable and create a glitter of HOPE and INSPIRATION in our children.

We want you to share in our endeavour to instila sense of pride and self-esteem in our youth and to nurture their beliefs with positive experiences. We want you to help us facilitate, inspire and strengthen the spirit of inclusion in all our children in an effort to promote peaceful, respectful coexistence in our future generations.

In brief we want you to help us to put the United back into United Kingdom and the Great back into Great Britain so that we can all work and live together as One family, One community and as One Britain One Nation.